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Multi-talents and ADD

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There are 9 different talents which constitute the gifts profile of a person. Each one of the talents come with a corresponding energy potential to use just this talent. The blood sugar is but one of these energies, responsible for kinaesthetics and physical brain support, the rest are rather brain currents.

Therefore the energy to follow a motivation using a specific talent is not transferable, one cannot shift the urge to move into concentration on schoolwork. When one of these talents aren't acknowledged and challenged, then the afflicted potential lies flat, with the corresponding energy accumulating and seeking an outlet. An emotional child with a talent for languages, whilst sitting in a maths class, might secretly read poetry after exhausting his/her logistical energy. Should this turn impossible, he or she will not be able to concentrate but start day dreaming. The whole idea of breaks is for movement and social interaction, wherein the regeneration of exhausted school-relevant energies no doubt will be stimulated.

Therein lies the connection between multi-giftedness and ADD: Several powerful potentials are concurring for attention. The focus of activity, being stimulated by various impulses, cannot decide which one to attend to, thus turning to fastly oscillating between them all or to physically react by displacement activity. Eventually the action might stop altogether, as like a cardiac fibrillation. The only possibility for a multiple-gifted child to remain well balanced is to challenge every single talent according to its specific potential. with a good over-all omission, the general motivation and efficiency can be optimized. All this must occur early enough to prevent the young brain getting used to that sort of fibrillation and forgetting how to focus at all. As a good remedy I consider sports like climbing or martial arts, because the involved risk enforces full concentration over a long period.

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