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Reconstruction of an engraved rhino, photo Janette Deacon

Klaus Minges

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Gipfelpool in den Cederbergen

Klaus Minges phD (cultural history)

Hailing from the Black Forest in Germany and looking back on 10 years in Switzerland as a museum scientist, editor and mountaineer, I am now living in Cape Town, South Africa. On top of my guiding experience in europe and muslim countries, I'm now in the tourism industry for 7 years as a SA tourist guide (national), mountain guide (AMWL), field guide level 2 (Western Cape and overlanding).

My mountaineering merits were earned in the swiss and french Alps where I scaled most of the 4'000m peaks, usually via other than the normal routes. As a rock climber I succeeded in opening a multi-pitch route, in spite of the fact that virgin rock faces in Switzerland are hard to come by. I also helped create a climbing park next to a hut owned by my swiss club, the Academic Alpine Club Zurich (AACZ). The club, which is doing its own expeditions since more than a century, asked me to co-lead an exploration to the Pamirs where we did first ascents of three 6'000m peaks.
But then, approaching the fifties and having fought my contemplative inner self for so long, I decided to let him go look for the rock art and flowers of southern Africa. Now I support him by fighting alien vegetation across the Cape ...

Main issues of the first half of my life (chronological order):
  • German army (4x4 truck driver)
  • Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich (natural sciences) Pharmazie
  • University of Freiburg, Germany (geography, history of art, european ethnology) Geographie Geschichte Kunstgeschichte Volkskunde
  • Tourist guide, guiding in Europe and several muslim countries Klingenstein Studienreisen Hauser Exkursionen
  • Dissertation on the early history of collections
  • Museum Bellerive Zurich (international arts and crafts) Museum Bellerive Zürich
  • Museum of Design Zurich (University of Applied Sciences and Arts Zurich) Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst Zürich
  • Setting up a micro enterprise: "Lectus Content Consulting", internet editing
  • 1997/98: Expedition leader; first ascent of three 6000 m peaks in the Pamir range, China Akademischer Alpenclub Zürich, Expedition Aksay '98
  • 2002: english Mentor for gifted children Elternverband für hochbegabte Kinder Sommercamp für hochbegabte Kinder


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